Revelle: TTIDE Leg II shoves off

Well, Folks, We’ve just shoved off from Macquarie Wharf in Hobart The Captain is spending some time calibrating the ships compass. Then we’ll head down the Derwent Estuary and into the Tasman Sea. Matthew Alford and his Leg I Team brought the ship onto Hobart Tuesday morning. They had their gear well organized for offloading, and after a few hours of work by … Read More

Revelle: Thanks for Watching!

We’re thrilled to be back at port in Hobart after a productive and successful 25 days at sea. We deployed a whopping 15 moorings in 10 days and managed to recover two moorings to re-deploy number 16 elsewhere. Years of planning have made this month of work in Tasmania possible and we’re thrilled that almost everything went off without a … Read More

Revelle: Crushed Cups

The Tasman Tidal Dissipation Experiment//Supported by the National Science Foundation

Revelle: Video Q+A With Kids

—Julia Calderone, The Revelle The Tasman Tidal Dissipation Experiment//Supported by the National Science Foundation

Revelle: Stepping Below

The main priority of the crew on a research ship is to get everyone home intact. At sea, even simple tasks can hold hidden risks and dangers—an unexpected wave or sudden heading change when the ship turns abruptly can send a crew member skidding across the deck or overboard. Therefore the view from the bridge, or the control center of … Read More

Revelle: How did we get here?

Studying the ocean is similar, in a way, to studying the farthest reaches of outer space. Just as we don’t have a full grasp on the physical boundaries that separate deep space from whatever else may be beyond, we don’t, as of yet, have a complete topographical map of the bottom of the ocean. Since light can only penetrate the … Read More

Revelle: The Sphere Half Full

If you haven’t gleaned this already, studying hidden processes miles below the ocean’s surface is challenging. Even worse, we’re cruising in an unpredictable region in the Tasman Sea, a spot notoriously dubbed the “Roaring Forties” due to the strong winds ripping from the west through the Southern Hemisphere between 40 and 50 degrees latitude. We’re limited to the tools we … Read More

Revelle: Wellness In the Waves

There’s a science to staying healthy on a boat that dishes endless supplies of savory meals, pastries, snack foods and deserts. We’re confined to a 284-foot ship with a daily commute of scaling a flight of stairs and walking a few dozen feet to our workspaces. This, combined with a typical 16-hour workday, makes an exercise routine a necessary part … Read More

Revelle: Mooring’s Back!

Most research cruises leave their moorings in the water for months or years, but not these guys. They’re recovering a mooring they just deployed seven days ago. After it’s back on deck, they’ll pull off the data and will re-release it again in a few days. All in the name of science! The instruments on this mooring have been gathering … Read More

Revelle: A Mooring Milestone

We hit a huge milestone on Monday: we dropped mooring number 15, the last of our planned long-term moorings, as the sun set over the Tasmanian Landscape. All of the ingredients of the moorings—40 oversized spools of cable, 15 giant orange buoys, 50 thousand pounds of anchors, clusters of spherical glass balls enclosed in oversized yellow “hard hats,” and hundreds … Read More