Back to the barn // TTIDE ends in Hobart port

The R/V Revelle has headed “back to the barn” and has just docked in Hobart, Tasmania. All hands on deck are now in the usual post-cruise full-court-press to get all the remaining scientific gear packed, off the ship, and into containers for the return journey. It’s a morning of mixed emotions, we’re all happy to be back in port and … Read More

Good morning from the Tasman Sea

Good morning! The daytime watch awoke to a spectacular sunrise here aboard the R/V Revelle, stationed about 40 kms off southeastern Tasmania. All 14 moorings are aboard and we have been settling in for the final few days of ocean observations. We have 48 hours left on this final leg and the TTIDE team is making as many “yoyo” and … Read More

T-TIDE student profile: Madeleine Hamann

PhD student Madeleine Hamann from the Scripps Institution of Oceanography is aboard the R/V Revelle for the T-TIDE leg 3 cruise and here she talks about her work and how studying math, science, and engineering has opened up a world of opportunity for her.

The final countdown

The Final Countdown It’s the second weekend out here on the Tasman Sea for the TTIDE leg 3 crew aboard the R/V Revelle. Today we are pushing hard to finish recovering all four remaining moorings still in the water.  If the team can make all that happen before darkness falls tonight that will keep the TTIDE project ahead of schedule … Read More

A needle in a giant haystack at the bottom of the sea

If losing an expensive package of scientific instruments on the bottom of the ocean is a painful fact of life for the sea-going oceanographer then finding something that was once lost is a glorious moment.   The TTIDE leg 2 team was unable to bring home one of their bottom mounted ADCP’s, lost somewhere off the northeast of Tasmania in … Read More

Revelle Passing the Torch: Leg II Postscript

Running a research program at sea involves the constant re-assessment of options: how to learn the most about the planet with the limited amount of time remaining in the cruise. As the time runs-down, the assessment effort intensifies. In every cruise a rather surreal moment is reached when one runs out of options: all remaining time is committed. The re-assessment … Read More

In the lee

Down here in the “roaring forties” Tasmanians have a saying for their typical weather patterns, “four seasons in one day”.  It can be sunny and calm one moment and blowing a gale the next.  After the R/V Revelle’s first few days of relatively calm weather we have what looks to be multiple cold fronts on the way, along with the … Read More

Undersea Gliding

The ocean we are trying to better understand is always moving and changing, varying across great distances and depths as well as the passing days and seasons.  It’s impossible for us to be everywhere all the time but with the help of special programmable gliders TTIDE scientists are learning more. Gliders are a relatively new type of instrument platform, essentially … Read More