Revelle Day Four: Anchors Away

Years, months and days of planning are finally coming to a head as we continue our fourth day dropping instruments into the water. A storm is coming, so we’re racing to deploy as many moorings as we can before the seas turn angry. Nevertheless, morale is running high from the excitement of pulling off such a finely-tuned collaboration between various … Read More

Revelle: We are off!

After an exciting four days loading up the Revelle, we left the dock at 4pm on Friday and steamed for about 24 hours into the Tasman Sea. We have been lucky to have fair weather conditions as everyone finished preparing instruments for the first mooring. Watch the video to learn more. —Julia Calderone, The Revelle The Tasman Tidal Dissipation Experiment … Read More

Revelle: We’re eight hours from launch!

As we begin our final day of preparations, here are a few images from the last few days of planning and unloading. The Revelle leaves at 4pm from MacQuarie Wharf #4 today! — Julia Calderone, The Revelle The Tasman Tidal Dissipation Experiment // Supported by the National Science Foundation

Ships are getting ready!

The research vessels Revelle and Falkor are in Hobart! Now it’s time to start unloading all of the containers of equipment that were sent from San Diego in November! TTIDE Leg 1 science crew are in Hobart and working hard before their departure date on January 9.  

Packed and ready to go!

After packing up three huge containers and hundreds of pounds of equipment, the last container was filled with only inches to spare this morning! Hard work by a crack team and we were very happy when it was done! The next time we will see this equipment is in Hobart in January 2015.

T-Beam on the Falkor

The Schmidt Ocean Institute’s Mark Schrope recently wrote an article called “Tracking the Tasman Sea’s Hidden Tide” about the T-Beam experiment on the RV Falkor! Check it out here —